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Total baby drool: zinc deficiency

  asked: my baby is now 6 months, always makes my mouth water, whether zinc deficiency, zinc deficiency in what?
a: baby 3-4 months began development of the salivary glands and saliva began to increase. Light of the infants mouth, does not regulate too much fluid in the mouth, drooling physiological phenomenon. Generally 6 months to 3 years of drooling more common, most are normal. As we age, tooth eruption, oral cavity depth, infants and young children gradually learn to swallow to regulate too much liquid, the slobbering phenomenon will fade. Drooling if accompanied by other manifestations, should doctors identify. Bivalent Zn ion combines with the protein in milk to form other substances, affect the absorption of protein and zinc. And zinc with the price of milk in the other two elements, such as calcium, iron can interfere with absorption. Non-breastfed children prone to zinc deficiency.
zinc supplements primarily through dietary supplements, zinc-containing foods include oysters, wheat germ, followed by human milk, meat, fish, milk, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, seaweed, liver and so on, generally with low zinc content in plant foods, absorption and utilization of low animal food with high zinc content, high absorption rate. Eat these foods as long as usual, there will be no zinc deficiency, zinc deficiency has, will soon make up.

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