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Let the baby grow series recipe II

  want to let the baby be tall? Although genetic factors accounted for a large, but is also essential for food to help Oh, nutrition balance and variety in our diet, help babies grow taller Le!
Moms recommend for you some recipes, are free to do Oh!
ingredients: 50 g of fresh chicken liver, fresh eggs, 100 grams of rice.
1, wash the rice into the casserole cooking until rice flowering.
2, washed and chopped chicken liver puree, plus moderate boost of the oil, and set aside.
3, beat one egg, into the pot with a little sesame oil made from eggs, then chop.
4, eggs and heat into congee with chicken liver, cooked to the porridge is thick.
5, stay warm, flavored seasoning food. Recommended daily 2-3.
food effect:
per 100 grams of chicken liver protein 18 g, 260 mg calcium 21 mg, phosphorus and rich in vitamin a. Eggs containing infant developmental needs of egg protein and egg globulins and rich in calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts. Edible conducive to the healthy growth of babies.

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