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How to treat baby's "no confidence"

  year old babe likes to draw, so MOM and Dad gave her a painting of the early education center. However, one day, my mother took baby painting, halfway, Bebe suddenly said she didn't want to go. MOM strange: "Babe don't really like drawing? Why not go at all? "Babe shyly:" I draw bad do? Teachers do not praise me? "Listening to Babe, my mother was very bad.
babe not confidence more than this one, for example, a babe wanted to play paper cutting, so she took the scissors and white, show children how to cut gear, kids interested in picking up a pair of scissors, a uncut hesitated for a long time, said: "I not do? "So determined not to cut. Babe MOM and dad supposed to BeBe has always been based on recognition of encouragement, never have too many requirements for children or against her, why would your child be so insecure?
baby why "not confident"?
3, Babe, in the treatment of paint and paper-cut this thing, words do show the obvious lack confidence in themselves, worried about doing well. Parents can be a little strange, how could such a small baby so have no confidence in it? In fact, baby's sense of self, starting from the moment of birth birth, and gradually with age.
baby came into the world, when the mother confronted him when, the mood is anxious, is also easily, angry, or happy, baby can be clearly perceived. Meanwhile, also by the attitude of those around him and gradually formed the sense of self. I was a welcome, I can bring happiness to others, or because my mother was not happy.
as they grow older, the baby's skills development, such as talking, walking, eating, and so on, each baby is different, some faster, some faster. At this point, the parents ' attitude has a direct impact on child development to baby's sense of self and self-awareness. Baby talk later, walk late, parents began to worry and always compare your child with other children. At this point, even if the parents do not criticize the child, baby can feel, feel good enough. This is a basic process of self-cognition in children. Babe is drawing and cutting out feeling of confidence, probably came from people's evaluation on the one hand, the other hand may also come from growing up not sure of their feelings.
according to Bebe's story, Tianjin confinement to talk together, forming baby not confident due to what:
1. Inappropriate to praise
babe MOM mentioned that they praise the children to appreciate, and few critics. However, appreciate the child, and in some cases are also worthy of consideration. Appreciated by parents to their children, is the "you're great" on the lips, but parents praise but had no real basis. Initially, the child may believe, however, as babies grow older, contacts gradually expanded, as he found in the collective life, themselves are not actually such a great MOM and dad, will be suspicious of others to be sure of yourself, but also doubt themselves. Some praise from parents to their children is the comparison with a strong heart, like "boy, you are stronger than they are." Which will allow baby to form utility, like and others, once did a bad hit.
2. Not ready to communicate with the teacher
babies like to be praised by the teacher, but once is not praise or criticism, lack of confidence. This is a normal thing. So, Babe to worry about drawing bad, without praise, or it could be in the process of drawing experience psychological setback. In fact, children's drawing good and bad, standard lots, some teachers pay attention to color, and some teachers prefer to set children free graffiti, parents also have their own standard. So, in fact painted well, if parents are not standard, nor and teacher communicate fully, children feel that there is not recognized on the one hand and low self-esteem, and confusion.
3. Distrust is the child's habitual response
If parents composed calm people doing things, thus, potentially, also affects the children, so that children feel good about themselves. If the parents are prone to self-denial, the child will acquire this negative way of thinking, which he could not confirm.

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