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  Lullaby was the mother by the cradle for the infant to sleep while singing the song, and later evolved to become a music genre. Lullaby music generally has a warm, intimate and tranquil atmosphere. Tune a calm, slow, beautiful, filled with Blessed Mother's enthusiasm for the future of their children. Cradle swing rhythm accompaniment is often imitated. Lullabies and barcarolle rhythm within close proximity, and are lyrical singing melodies and quiet atmosphere of drugs. Lullaby barcarolle-like, both vocal and instrumental works. Composers often using lullaby to Opera.
in addition, lullabies, and variety of instruments. This Instrumental lullabies in content and size than vocal lullabies have more development. Instrumental lullabies are not confined to hypnotic and describe a baby to sleep, but express their thoughts and feelings, quiet and poetic depiction of the spiritual realm.

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