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Confinement instead of mothers on babies developed adverse

  us to illustrate the next, a young mother of 4 days of giving birth, with tears in her eyes said, "I'm jealous confinement, she said I'll never have children, have a good rest. "Confinement at the side holding the children smiled and said:" she does not understand, nor holding the baby, milk is not enough, I take care of the children, counted on his Mama, our little baby starved to death. "
This is our month's error. Confinement should be positioned to help women do work in helping mothers do not convenient for her to do. The good and the bad of a child (including physical health, psychological health, IQ, EQ high), grew up to become, and mother's prenatal and postnatal education of every day, affecting the inseparable. From birth, maternal love has been a child the most important factor, children get less love, and created many obstacles to development in the future.

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