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Characteristic services

Tire brush

  fetal brush is the first time after the baby is born under the brush of hair, is behind the baby from the womb out only as a souvenir, it has the only natural winger in life, precious. Each baby is born, mothers have high hopes and wishes, hope the babies safe and healthy, married, successful, and many of the traditional custom of celebrating the new baby: shave: shave for newborn baby baby, is peculiar to the ancient custom, he started from scratch, life a success. Mildew: after Barber shave eyebrows for the baby, remove bad luck, when the ancestor worship ceremony, respect means. Good omen: haircut with red eggs in the head after rolling three times, meaning luck, Ping Buqing, and marriage. Robust: the hair after the shower or bath, in bath stone in two, good health and strong as a rock. Smart: at the same time placing onions two, taking the "astute" sounds like, baby wise, wisdom out of the ordinary.


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