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Alka cannot give their children snack

  sent worried parents does not take medicine for their children, and some manufacturers eyeing business opportunities in pediatric medicine, drug treatment of children's diseases by adding sugar, changing technology and other methods to improve the taste of the medicine, and even introduced a fruit-flavored medicine. Among them, the manufacturer launched the most successful medicines in children, than the Alka (installed in children).
"bloating, bloating, Digest, XX Alka" impact of advertising language in life, there are quite a few parents not only as children Alka dyspeptic prophylaxis, and turn it into a children's snack, without distinction as to time, place, sent into the child's mouth.
eat Alka eat bad children's gastrointestinal function
: "come on, baby, sweet medicine. "Last week, the hospital room in Henan province, a leading 3-year-olds parents child cold. Children may see doctors in white coats and crying, who skillfully from the bag and took out a piece of Alka, sent to the child's mouth, the child stopped crying immediately.
parent's move, was clearly seen by zuozhen Pediatric physician Hou Jianghong. He cautioned that Alka is a medicine and not let children as a snack. Pediatric experts reminded, who did not mind, he said: "our community of parents, have the habit of bag Alka, encountered a child crying or not to eat, let him eat a few slices. Alka is hawthorn, Yam and other edible ingredients, even if children eat more, it doesn't matter. "
" children's digestive function are also immature, prone to indigestion, eating and digestion. But if purely to prevent indigestion pills, but it's not right. The human body is very sophisticated instruments, eat the food, handled by the stomach, intestines, if long turn to drugs to help digestion, stomach and intestine are bound to slack off, over time, were not strong of stomach and intestines more weak, is not conducive to children's development. "Hou Jianghong said, not to mention, every drug has side effects, often taking on a child's health, must be taken strictly in accordance with the medical advice or instruction on the requirements. Eat Alka
cannot be longer than two days
children eat a lot of heat and cold Alka-eat a lot, not only affects the normal development of the stomach and intestines, the child is easy to catch a cold. The main ingredients are Haw
Alka. Chinese medicine of Hawthorn are hot in nature, eating more likely to have heat, chill a bit, could easily lead to upper respiratory tract infections. Hou Jianghong recommends children dyspepsia symptoms, take Alka-no more than two days. If the symptoms are not better, let your child eat babies, and product to drink liquid, can also eat biofermine, tablets of Lactobacillus bacteria, yeast, etc.
"as Alka's main role is to help increase Gastric motility and digestion, and therefore more suitable for eating. If eaten on an empty stomach, can damage a child's stomach. "He reminded.
indigestion caused by eating meat eat Alka-no matter
even if the child appears bloated, loss of appetite and other symptoms of indigestion, is not suitable for eating and digestion. Because the efficacy of Alka, also has a relationship with children eating what foods cause indigestion.
Alka with low amylase, lipase, and, therefore, it is mainly due to indigestion caused by cereal foods such as rice, vegetables and fruits, rich food (meat) cause indigestion are lower.
If the child had indigestion caused by eating meat, proposes to eat and pills. The ingredients of the medicine and Alka-instead, it contains lipase, can help children quickly absorb greasy meat. Drink
Yam porridge, steamed taro diet can also help your child help digestion eat Alka
in addition, parents need to help children develop good eating habits: eating regular, eat cold, sweet, greasy food, don't let his patience just a snack.
parents can often let their children eat more to help digest food. For example: yams, porridge, also be steamed or stir to eat, spleen; taro also has tonifying spleen effect, the children eat less, you can let him eat steamed taro; radish appetizer carrot and Ginger 3, jujube 10 decoction, can help to reconcile the spleen and stomach, appetite.


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