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In the syndrome of infantile recurrent respiratory tract infection prevention diet

  "Children's Day" children's day, in the morning, first affiliated hospital of Tianjin College of traditional Chinese medicine in Mei Jiangfang water Association held a lecture on the prevention of childhood diseases. Deputy Director Zhang Xilian from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine in Pediatrics for parents detailing how to prevent childhood disease – infantile repeated respiratory tract infection.
respiratory tract infections including rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia and other respiratory infections, usually in the trachea is divided into the upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Recurrent respiratory tract infections occurred within 1 year of upper and lower respiratory tract infections frequently, outside the normal range.
Director, etiology of children with recurrent respiratory tract infection of inborn weakness tomorrow and inappropriate feeding, nursing failure, environmental effects, repeated infections, jiubingtixu, improper drug use.
Director reminded the daily care of the child should pay attention to environmental sanitation to avoid contamination, indoor air circulation, appropriate outdoor activities, lots of Sun, vaccinations on time. During the flu epidemic to avoid going to public places. Avoid contact with allergens, such as dust mites, pollen, paint and so on. Develop good habits, and get enough sleep. To develop good eating habits, eating on time, food, without partiality, without cold drinks and fat thick and greasy food. To eat or not to eat with high lead content of popcorn, puffed food, should develop children "eat" the habit, more light, less oily, and an appropriate mix of meat, focuses on vitamin and mineral supplements in their daily food intake of rich nutrients. Therapeutic benefits

differentiation according to the dialectical method, using traditional Chinese medicine dietary therapy will easily accepted by children. Such as:
1, method of strengthening the spleen and replenishing Qi
Yam eight precious ingredients gruel: yams, fried radix astragali, Radix codonopsis, Lotus seeds, wheat germ, Poria, Coix 10G, dates (pitted) 5, rice 100g, porridge with water, Astragalus and codonopsis pilosula dregs, with sugar in moderation.
four King Cake: codonopsis pilosula and atractylodes 20G, Poria cocos Wolf 30g, Woody 6g, grind in all powder, flour and a pinch of salt, baking bread is made.
2, Yifei-solid table
optional Astragalus 10G, windproof, liquorice, 6g, grind to powder, and some flour and made different kinds of pasta, such as noodles, dumplings or pancakes.
3, resolving phlegm and removing product
suitable for accumulation of phlegm in children with intrinsic, see eating slightly not exogenous, frequent phlegm, one's tongue is coated. Radish porridge porridge or Hawthorn.
radish porridge: daikon 200g (cut into small pieces), pinellia ternata 6g, Fuling, atractylodes, Orange 10G, water for 1 hour, juice 1000ml, plus rice 100g, congee, white sugar amount, 1 times a day. Jianpi dampness, phlegm under, negative width.
porridge: Hawthorn 10G, malt, wheat germ, Bran Koji 6g, Poria cocos Wolf 10G, water for 30 minutes, juice 1000ml, plus rice 100g who is white sugar amount, 1 times a day.
therapeutic methods, different recipe needed according to different physical characteristics, preferably under the guidance of doctors choose the method that fits your child.
Introduction to expert: Zhang Xilian, Deputy Director of
from the famous Professor Ma Rong, an expert in Pediatrics. Nearly 10 years have been engaged in pediatric diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, especially in children with epilepsy, ADHD, childhood lead poisoning, recurrent respiratory infections, diseases such as anorexia has studied.


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