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Hawthorn malt soup kidney promoting digestion Chan increase appetite

  hot weather, nothing to eat, what to eat will have no taste, and likes to drink cold drinks, ice cream, frozen food and other cool, but it's easy to damage the spleen and stomach, and made the poor have decreased appetite more. Hospital Clinical Nutrition Department in Guangdong Province, He Ying XI said, the summer in addition to adding things such as bitter gourd, lettuce, Lotus leaf, green tea has the effect of qingre bitter foods, such as to stimulate the appetite, but following a diet can also be used to improve digestion, increases appetite. Chen renal
, Hawthorn
malt soup ingredients: dry fried Gu Maiya Hawthorn 25 g, 60 g, Yam and 30 g, Chen Shen 3-4, 100 grams of lean meat (2-3)
production method: dried hawthorn, Yam and a little cleaning; Gu Maiya cleaned to remove impurities, such as silt; Chen Shen, wash the meat slices. Place all the ingredients into the pot, add the right amount of water, used fire and cook for 15 minutes, to simmer for 30 minutes, season with salt. Expert reviews
/> the food digestion, strengthening the spleen, nourishing stomach effect. Among them, Hawthorn product of digestion, gas, especially for the Elimination of meat causes loss of appetite; Gu Maiya digestion stomachic, Shanhua Township, except for eating indigestion due to too much flour and potatoes and taros; Yam and strengthening the spleen and replenishing Qi and nourishing yin, the spleen You Yi; Chen kidney strengthening spleen and clearing, and is often used in children, the elderly, anorexia.
in this diet, herbs were used, the function of the spleen and stomach, digestion and appetite strong, especially for guxia lead to loss of appetite because of the hot weather in the crowd, or as raw fat thick and greasy, dyspepsia, indigestion, the elderly, children can also be eaten.
Hawthorn, red skin, wrinkles, with gray spots, deep yellow to light brown flesh, minimal fragrance, sour in taste and slightly sweet. In addition, Chen is also noteworthy in this soup and kidney, preserved duck, which is unique to Guangdong food, warm sweet, role of strengthening spleen and clearing delays, Guangdong folk with its porridge-assisted treatment of anorexia in children, the elderly.


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