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Mashed carrots and rice soup in the treatment of spleen-deficiency diarrhea

 , Jinan City, Shandong province, Zhao: my son is 5 years old this year, always diarrhea every autumn, not long ago a colleague said pureed carrots and rice soup eaten with diarrhea can be treated. This therapeutic method make sense? If reasonable, is not suitable for all patients with symptoms of diarrhea?
China Association of traditional Chinese medicine Zhuang Qian Zhu, MD: pureed carrots and rice soup is one of the commonly used in treatment of infantile diarrhea diet. Modern research has shown that carrot contains volatile oils can serve to promote digestion and sterilization effect can reduce the burden of diarrhea, and gastrointestinal and carrots also contain pectin, lignin, yellow base principle, substance, can make the stool forming and adsorption of bacteria and toxins in the intestines.
clinical observation shows that, when to feed children with diarrhea-carrots, if we let the children with moderate drink rice water can greatly reduce the number of refractory diarrhea.
preparation of mashed carrots and rice soup is very simple, as follows:
carrots: carrots washed, peeled, cut into pieces, put the diced carrots in rice cooker steamed, steamed carrots with grinding plates grind carrots, 3 times daily, 1~2 spoon at a time.
little rice soup: the rice 250 g, 2500 ml of water, the proper temprature and cook for 2 hours, take the upper Tang, fed 6 times a day, each time 30~100 ml.
need to make clear is that Chinese medicine often depending on the symptoms in patients with diarrhea and is divided into the following four categories: spleen asthenia, hurt food type, cold and dampness. Carrot Soup blending only suitable for the treatment of spleen-deficiency diarrhea.
is the typical symptom of patients with spleen deficiency type diarrhea: children with long purging does not heal, sallow complexion, anorexia, thin stool and don't digest your food. Therefore, if your child has the above performance, completely edible carrots, soup to treat diarrhea.
is a three-time, you need to select a different therapeutic methods.
-food 1, injuries in children with diarrhea often manifested as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, bad breath and other symptoms, diarrhea and often crying, rancid and undigested food stool, this class may be appropriately increased in children with Hawthorn, malt xiaoshi delay food intake.
2, and cold type diarrhea children performance for abdominal ming, and abdominal pain, sometimes with fever, and flow nose, symptoms, stool thin more bubble, and color light, and no smell, this class children can drink points ginger tea drink: take ginger 10 grams, tea 3 grams, brown sugar little, will ginger slice, and tea added amount water with fried Cook, stay boiling Hou joined brown sugar, free drink clothing.
3, dampness and diarrhea in children are fever, thick and greasy tongue coating and other symptoms, and bowel movements are egg-drop soup with a little mucus in children with such a modest increase has the effect of clearing heat and removing damp barley gruel intake.
in addition, diarrhea during the best food and not eat the following foods: milk, soy products cause bloating foods; fiber-rich foods such as celery, cabbage, grapefruit; high fat foods such as meat, dairy, and animal offal.


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