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Zinc deficiency to sibu mothers have a way

  determine the zinc deficiency in children, in addition to the sense of taste loss, poor appetite, skin damage, mental fatigue, malaise, lethargy, poor resistance, the final diagnostic and laboratory examinations to determine:
1) zinc: detection method is simple, but as the Census application, value is for reference only, parents not only determined by examining hair zinc and zinc deficiency. Hair zinc and 2.1mol/g normal boys and girls for 2.6mol/g, if it is below the 1.6mol/g there is a lack of possibility.
2) serum zinc, zinc homeostasis can reflect the near future. But often under the influence of many organisms and environmental factors, a single index cannot make a diagnosis. The normal value is 13.8mol/L, 8~9 spatial and temporal abdominal blood best early in the morning.
3) zinc in urine: normal values for 4.5mol/24 hours, severe lack of zinc Zn may be discharged when reduced.
when confirmation of zinc deficiency in children, care should be taken early, timely and adequate zinc supplementation. In addition to severe zinc deficiency, and should be "doctor" is the first choice.
from the normal physiological point of view, their need is not a huge amount of zinc, children less than 6 months is approximately 3 mg of zinc a day, 7-12 months and only 5 mg, influenced the child could be increased to 10 mg. Is zinc content in 100 grams of food: pork 3.8 mg, liver 4 mg 5 mg, chicken liver, egg yolk, 3.4 mg, kelp 3.2 mg, fish 8 mg. Seafood is the highest in zinc-containing food such as oysters and shellfish. In addition, the zinc in edible fungi, cereal, and no less, but one of these plant foods, phytic acid, oxalic acid, cellulose content on the high side, the zinc is not easily absorbed, so by comparison, meat dishes, culinary zinc is recommended.
when the doctor less effective, or when severe zinc deficiency in children, medicine is necessary.
pharmacy for common zinc supplementation zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, zinc acetate, zinc yeast variety, with zinc sulfate "treatment capacity" the oldest, first, but it has many of the disadvantages that long-term use may cause more heavy the gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, even when serious gastric hemorrhage.
zinc gluconate and zinc yeast is "rising star of zinc supplements", not so heavy the gastrointestinal reaction of zinc sulfate, more suitable for children. But in contrast, zinc gluconate still had mild gastrointestinal discomfort, but if meals or after meals to remove its gastrointestinal symptoms can also be dissolved in juice of feeding. Zinc yeast is the use of bioengineering techniques in the production of pure natural products, zinc and protein binding, high bioavailability, is recommended.


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