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Show you how to view the baby nail health

  view of baby fingernail health
baby's nails are normally pink, very smooth, resilient, a somewhat light in color in the first half. If the baby's nails of abnormality is often the external manifestations of the disease. Exception
color/> white spots appear on the deck, more common in children, or temporary injuries. Fungal infection accompanied by Huang Jia and morphological changes. If methyl red in the second half, mostly from heart disease. When anemia becomes pink.
gap appears likely to be abnormal
deck had measles, Scarlet fever, acute fever, metabolic diseases and sometimes that is the case.
deck flute appears more common in mass damage and skin of Lichen Planus.
thin brittle with longitudinal deck protruding ribs, torn nails easy, layered, it is a sign of malnutrition, can also be found in Lichen Planus and other skin diseases.
deck there recess can occur in psoriasis, eczema and other children.
snake found in hypothyroidism, Anterior pituitary dysfunction in children. Exception
hardness thickened deck, the thicker the fingertips, which can be caused by a congenital factor, also known as acquired immunodeficiency caused by long-term stimulation.
appear white spots are lack of calcium do white spots appeared on the
for nails, which are mostly the result of trauma, nail one-fifth is hidden inside the meat, so damage to the skin around the nail, it affects the nails. Free torn barbed appearing on the skin around the nail, is prone to cause of white spots on the nails. Nails surrounding skin damage, directly affects the nails on the nutrition intake. Therefore, the correct way is to use nail clippers to remove barbed. Of course, usually the opponent's skin care is also necessary. With oil high clam oil contains vitamin e and skin care products for your baby hand best. This will not only protect the skin, and also ensure the health of nails.


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