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Newborn mother to sleep with a blanket, please

  Q: newborn mother to sleep with a blanket, please
mother used to with their newborn sleeping with a blanket, especially the cold winter, mother afraid of children's cold and hugged the child to sleep, this phenomenon is more common in the countryside, in fact, this is not health, is harmful to children.
a: hugged the child to sleep can make children lack of oxygen. Human brain tissue oxygen consumption in the biggest, an adult brain tissue oxygen consumption in 1/5 per cent of total body oxygen consumption, and smaller children, cerebral oxygen consumption as a proportion of total body oxygen consumption is greater, infants can be as high as 1/2. If parents hugged their children sleep, parents of breathing will cause increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air around, children sleep, difficulty breathing, brain hypoxia, caused by unstable and prone to nightmares and sleep at night crying, parents of newborns will sleep even more. Newborns sleep in this anaerobic environment for a long time, will affect the metabolism of the brain, severe cases can also affect a child's normal development.
at the same time, the body's metabolic products are more than 400 species, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, and in the case of air, this material will spread rapidly and will not cause pollution. The room, especially in the nest, the concentrations of these pollutants has reached a level that cannot be ignored, if a new long-term contamination by these pollutants, on newborn health development is extremely negative.
in addition, hugged the child to sleep are prone to bruising, suffocation and accidents, deaths of newborns are examples for such accidents. Hug kids, adults and children are not comfortable and free to rest, is not conducive to fatigue and freedom of movement. Once the mother is suffering from the flu or skin diseases due to low immunity and resistance, easily transmitted to newborns by inhalation, in contact with skin.
for maternal and child health, newborns and MOM sleep in separate beds, and newborn sleeping alone in the flexibility to move the bed, sleep, moved to large cot bed for night care.

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